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"It's not about training to be a tough guy. It's about obtaining knowledge. It's not about trash talking. It's about respect. It's not about beating someone to a pulp. It's about self-control on a path to enlightenment." Master Foster

          I would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome you to an activity which I sincerely believe can improve your life and that of your loved ones.  Training in the martial arts is an experience unlike any other.  Whether viewed as an education, a sport, a mental discipline, a method for improving fitness, a study of combat, or a development of lethal skills, the martial arts have come to represent many things to each participant.  It is an activity that can be started at a young age and may continue well into our senior years.  Practicing martial arts on a regular basis is also a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.  The longer we train, the more we learn of our strengths, weaknesses, and potential.  Skills and attributes gained from training can also be applied to other sports, activities, and daily tasks.  In just a short period of time you will be capable of performing things you previously never thought possible.  Energy levels will increase and your confidence will soar. 

          Martial arts are the study and practice of warlike (combat) skills.  Every organized system of fighting ever created could be considered a martial art no matter the culture, time period, or founder.  Today participation in the martial arts has exploded world-wide.  It would be safe to assert that the martial arts have undergone more transformations in the last fifty years than in all of the past centuries combined.  Technology, inter-global migration, commercialism, changes in demographic and social strata, and cross-training between what was once secretive combat systems have all been major contributing factors to these vast changes.  Not all of these changes have been for the better however (see SOME THOUGHTS)

          Since the 1970’s I have had the privilege of teaching and testing thousands of students from all walks of life. This has included beginners to high ranking black belts from more than a dozen countries.  Through martial arts training I have witnessed first-hand people getting in shape, gaining confidence, learning self-control, developing better focus, improving self-discipline, successfully defending themselves when attacked, winning championships; and some have even gone on to teach martial arts as a profession.  In the end, the students who succeed are the individuals who show up and train on a regular basis.  As with most things in life, your success is directly proportional to the effort.  Martial arts have done a lot for me and I know they can do a lot for you.

          I invite you to see for yourself why Kenjute is in fact intelligent in its design, comprehensive in its curriculum, and effective as a complete martial art.  Best wishes on your path to enlightenment.  Aim high.  Aim far.




Joseph K Foster, Kenjute Founder

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