Transfer Students

“It’s easy to fool potential new students with clever marketing and a few tricks. Observing a limited number of techniques from a particular martial art will not accurately reflect its real value. Instead you need to comprehend the system in its entirety. What will you learn in five, ten, and twenty plus years? Forget what people say, take a look at the quality of the students.” Master Foster

Transfer Students

               We are always pleased to see a person with previous martial arts experience showing an interest in learning Kenjute.  We sincerely believe that you will not learn a more complete martial art anywhere else.  Anyone who has already earned a belt rank in another martial art is designated as a “transfer student”.           

               All new students must begin at the first level and prove themselves through belt examinations for each new level.  Transfer students may be accelerated at a faster pace however up to their highest achieved rank in their previous martial art.  The decision to accelerate the student, and the rate of acceleration, will be determined by the certified Kenjute black belt instructor.  For higher ranking transfer black belts, the rate of acceleration in Kenjute will be determined by the Kenjute International Constitution.

          Transfer students who have obtained a rank of 2nd degree black belt or higher in a different martial art (properly verified), and who have their own martial art school, are considered unique to Kenjute.  Therefore, these individuals are granted permission to teach their students (who must also be registered with Kenjute) as they themselves are learning the Kenjute system.  Under close supervision, these school owner transfer black belts will be allowed to test their students through a special examination process.   

          All transfer students must follow Kenjute advancement policies which include testing for each belt level at a formal Belt Examination.


NOTE:  For detailed information on how to register an already existing martial arts school with Kenjute International and/or to enroll in our "Home Study Program", please email Kenjute International directly at