“We have had countless students from other martial arts (including many black belts) enrol at our school. They have been truly impressed by the completeness and higher knowledge taught in the Kenjute system. To me, this is clear confirmation that what we offer is something very special.” Master Foster
  • “Kenjute is the ultimate for training and covers everything.  If you want to work out gaining muscle and strength…if you want to improve balance and fundamentals…or if you want to learn how to realistically defend yourself, then this is the best possible program to be in.  Previously I had trained in another martial art before being introduced to Kenjute by a friend.  Wow what a difference! I find Kenjute to be a lot more comprehensive and much more realistic.”  (Codey Hughes)


  • “The martial art school I came from was one of London’s largest.  After training for many years it became apparent that skill quality and knowledge of my previous school didn’t match the hype my family and I mistakenly bought into. I felt that I was still missing many things so I left.   I spent a long time checking out a number of different martial arts schools and styles before deciding that Kenjute was definitely the best choice.  After just a few classes with Master Foster it was like a light went off in my head.  His knowledge and ability are amazing.  He is legit and he knows his stuff.  It was also a humbling experience because I came to realize that, even though I was already a black belt from a different martial art, I had much to learn.  It wasn’t just because Kenjute taught so much more knowledge either.  I was relearning how to properly execute my “basics” that I should have acquired (and didn’t) at my previous school.  The difference between where I originally studied and Kenjute is like kindergarten to university.  Now, after many years of studying and “getting it right” under Master Foster, I feel very proud to be a Kenjute black belt.  (Daniel Renaud)


  •  “A few years ago I was in a car accident.  I developed a slipped disc in my lower back and gained thirty pounds due to lack of mobility.  A friend recommended this Kenjute program.  He said that Kenjute would change my life.  He was absolutely right.  I have lost fifty-three pounds, am more confident in myself, more focused in everyday life, and I have better control in my mobility.  I really haven’t felt this good since high school.  I am so glad I found Kenjute.  I had previously trained in another martial art and found that by comparison it didn’t even come close to Kenjute.  I highly recommend Kenjute for everyone!!!” (Lacey Tucker)


  • “Before being introduced to Kenjute I had trained in a different martial art.  I have found Kenjute self-defence techniques to be more effective and realistic.  I also enjoy the fact that Kenjute teaches many other aspects of martial arts that are interesting and useful.  I had the misfortune of being jumped by three guys in an alley – one had a club.  Without hesitation my Kenjute training enabled me to control the situation and win.  Kenjute saved my life.” (Chris Robins)


  • “I have been training in Kenjute under Master Foster for almost 3 years now and I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that I have received the most in-depth and effective training under him.  I have previous experience in two other martial arts and although both arts had a lot to offer, neither compare to the realistic combat scenarios of Kenjute.  Kenjute is interesting to study because you learn so many different aspects of martial arts training.  In my capacity as a night club security guard and as an individual who finds himself in physical confrontations, Kenjute has proven to be effective on more than one occasion, and that is why I stick with it.” (Kassa Kebede)


  • “I have been training in Kenjute for years now.  Although I have a Black Belt in another martial art I must admit that Kenjute is the most inclusive and practical art I have ever seen.  Not only is the curriculum well developed and efficient, it is taught by a Master Instructor who has trained in almost a dozen different martial arts and has forty years of experience under his belt." (Enson Elmes)


  • "As a child I trained for 4 years at a different local martial arts school.  I always felt like what I was learning there was just flashy moves as opposed to something I could effectively use to protect myself in a real life confrontation.  After years away from martial arts I decided to return, but before joining a new school I promised myself thorough research would be done.  That is when I found Kenjute.  Simply from reading their website I knew this school was different from others in the city.  I joined the school relatively quickly and am proud to say I've been there for several months.  The Kenjute system is the most complete martial art I have come across and truly teaches the skills required to survive in the event of an attack.  The instructors are both teachers and friends to their students and are the  most knowledgeable people I've met.  I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a truly complete martial art that will protect you, teach you, and help you grow in body, mind, and spirit." (Trevor Medeiros) 


  •  “Why go to a gym to work out when you can get fit, build and tone muscle, and learn how to defend yourself all at the same time?  Kenjute has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  From working at a bar, I’ve seen these self-defence techniques work first hand.  Master Foster is an incredible teacher and strives to push all of his students to their maximum potential.  Kenjute is everything and more than you could imagine.” (Ruben Gomes)


  • “What I have taken away from my time spent training in Kenjute is priceless. I have gained a level of self-confidence that I never had before which has helped me excel in both school and work. I have also increased my fitness and gained flexibility that I did not know I possessed. But the most important thing I will take away from Kenjute is the amazing people that I have trained with and the friends I have gained.” (Genevieve Thompson)


  • “Training in the art of Kenjute has been an amazing journey.  Studying under a real martial arts master like Master Foster has taught me self-control, a high level of fitness, and developed a real understanding of self-defence techniques.  The knowledge passed down from Master Foster has sparked a passion for the martial arts that will stay with me for a lifetime.  I recommend Kenjute to everyone from the average person to the pro athlete.” (Will Williamson)


  •  “Kenjute has increased my level of fitness by a lot.  Cardio, strength, and endurance have all improved in only a few months.  Master Foster has a very structured program which is crucial for producing high quality students mentally and physically.” (Scott O’Neill)


  • “Kenjute is great!  You get to learn an in-depth martial art at your own pace.  I have found it to have many benefits…cardio, self-confidence, self-defence, peace of mind, self-control etc.  I even drive from another city to get there!” (Michael Lindsey)


  • “Kenjute has not only taught me the art of self-defence, but it has given me the confidence and the strength to become more physically fit and the discipline to succeed” (Griffin Gill)


  • “Kenjute has challenged me not only physically but mentally as well.  It has given me the thrill to push myself beyond my original expectations.” (Corey Griffiths)


  • “When I first decided to join the Kenjute program, it was meant to be a bonding experience with my son.  It wasn’t long into the program that I began to notice improvements in my health, especially my chronic lower back problems.  My flexibility, core body strength, mental discipline, energy level and self-confidence have all improved greatly under the Kenjute training program.  I would recommend Kenjute to anyone who is interested in getting fit, learning how to truly defend one’s self in today’s environment, as well as respecting the lineage of a true martial arts program.” (D’Arcy McMaster)


  • “Before Kenjute I worked out by myself at a fitness centre and did not know what to do.  It was kind of boring.  Then I discovered Kenjute.  You get to train under a martial arts master who guides you every step of the way with positive encouragement.  I find it very interesting because while getting in shape you are always learning new martial arts skills.” (Taylor Hathaway) 


  • “I didn’t begin training until I was 45.  I am still training under Master Foster at 60.  I ran my own school for ten years and know that like me, anyone who truly desires to become a martial artist can do so with this system.  I must mention that this program is not watered-down and we don’t just practice in the air like many other martial arts.  You will learn your techniques by doing them with your partner and then having your partner do them on you in a controlled setting.  If you practice, attend class regularly, and work hard, you too can maybe earn your Black Belt.  I wish you all the success you’re willing to work for.” (Rick McLeod)


  • “At 21 years old I was introduced to Kenjute by a friend.  Thanks to this realistic and dynamic martial art I have never been healthier and more focused in my life.  I have developed better strength, endurance, flexibility, self-control and respect.  I believe that these components are essential to become a great martial artist.  Master Foster is a great instructor with incredible martial arts expertise.  He makes you train hard while keeping it interesting and fun.  He prepares and motivates you to do your best as you learn each new skill.” (Duc Mai)   


  • “I began Kenjute when I was six years old.  It is my passion.  Kenjute has helped me with so much in my life.  I have gained confidence and discipline.  It has given me strength, great cardio, and increased flexibility.  It has taught me how to protect or defend myself whenever in danger.  Every day I have seen improvement in my knowledge and abilities, and I learn more and more every single class.  I have earned my junior black belt and my current goal is to get my adult black belt.  There is not a greater martial arts program out there, and even if I could try something else, I wouldn’t.  Try Kenjute, you will get to experience the greatest martial art that there is.” (Matthew Wilson)

NOTE: More student comments may be viewed in the "Police & Security" section.