Teen Regular Programs

“Train Often…Train Hard…Train Right.” Master Foster

Kenjute Teen Program

This program keeps teens focused on expanding their Kenjute knowledge with practical hands on training lessons. Teens will learn life long self defence skills and excellent fitness habits.


In addition to the martial art skills, you will start to see a noticeable change in your teens focus, confidence, cooperation skills, energy level and much more as an added benefit to training with Kenjute.

Who Can Participate?

Student between the ages of 13 -17.

When Are Classes?

Classes for new teen students are not offered at this time until Mr. McMaster, the Black Belt Youth Coordinator, is available again in the Fall of 2016


Packages starting at $49.99 for the Trial Program.  *Monthly cost varies depending on package and payment option selected.
Family Plans, non contract, short term discounts and more. Contact Us for more details