Some Thoughts

“A quality martial art should not be measured by business practices, clever marketing, people, or places. Its real value is in the compilation of the knowledge offered and the training methods used to develop superior students.” Master Foster

Some Thoughts From Master Foster:         


          Now striving towards my fifth decade of formal training in numerous martial arts; teaching since the 1970’s; running a martial arts business for over three decades; training/testing thousands of students of all ages and ranks from more than a dozen countries; instructing countless security guards, police officers, and military personnel in defensive tactics; significant personal experience in security tactical work; participating in hundreds of tournaments as an official, successful black belt competitor and coach; and spending decades developing the Kenjute system, I have had the opportunity to learn what really works as well as observe many changes that have taken place in the martial arts industry.  

          One clear reality is that although there are some excellent martial arts and schools out there, they are definitely the minority.  My experience has led me to the overwhelming conclusion that when it comes to real fighting skills and significant technical martial arts knowledge, the majority of martial arts schools and their respective black belt practitioners are mediocre at best.  I invite you to consider the following: