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“For decades I have had the pleasure of teaching health professionals, educators, police officers, my city’s first police Emergency Response Unit (ERU – SWAT), military personnel, and countless security guards. Their needs are unique and Kenjute has definitely risen to the challenge.” Master Foster

          The amount of defensive tactics (DT) training police officers receive at their respective police colleges and subsequent detachments is limited because of time and budget constraints.  Although on-going DT mini courses might increase awareness it does little to solidify proficiency. 
          In most cases security guards receive little if any “hands-on” use-of-force training.  While many security guard positions might not require applying DT techniques, those who work in places like bars and events quite often face violent situations demanding an appropriate response.  The bar industry is notorious for hiring security guards based on size and not skill.  In most cases they don’t have a clue how to safely and correctly apply DT skills often resulting in injuries to customers and staff.
          The only way to be truly proficient in defensive tactics application is to learn the right skills and to practice them constantly over an extended period of time. Most martial arts schools do not offer the appropriate techniques and knowledge needed by police officers and security guards.  Kenjute specializes in controls, lock-ups, escorting skills, takedowns, ground arresting positions, threat resolution, positioning, and weapons training that are very conducive to police and security needs.


  • “October 1992…Dear Mister Foster, My purpose in writing is to express my thanks and appreciation for your assistance to members of our newly formed Emergency Response Unit.  As you are aware, the London Police Emergency Response Unit has recently become operational after its members completed an intense training course.  Sergeants E. Lecompte and D. Holek have informed me that the instruction provided by you, through Constable Chris Newton, was invaluable.  I have been further advised that you spent a great deal of your personal time and energy preparing a program structured specifically to the needs and techniques required by members of this unit and approximately twenty hours of instruction in your facilities.  I would like to personally say thank you to you and your staff for your co-operation and expertise that you shared with us.  It is this type of support that permits us to continue serving our community in a professional and meaningful way.  A job well done.” (Fred Goebel, Superintendent, Uniformed Division – London Police Force)


  • “It’s a privilege to be training under Master Foster.  His vast knowledge in martial arts and defensive tactics will assure that I can be ahead of other candidates pursuing a career in law enforcement.” (Shah Mateen, Fanshawe College Police Foundations Graduate)


  • “Kenjute is a superior program for martial arts and defensive tactics. Master Foster is one of the best in instructors around.  He'll give you the confidence and skills you need to deal with any type of situation.  (Mat Johnston, Westervelt College Police Foundations Graduate)


  • “Look no further!  Kenjute offers top notch conditioning along with second to none combat techniques.  An overall martial art that can be applied to real life scenarios.” (Dave Welsh, Fanshawe College Police Foundations Graduate)


  • “Kenjute is a great way to get in shape while learning outstanding defensive tactics.  Anyone planning a career as a police officer should definitely consider studying under Master Foster.” (Drew MacDonald, TriOS College Police Foundations Graduate)


  • “I highly recommend Kenjute to anyone who is planning a career in policing and law enforcement.  It will make you a better officer”. (Paul Milner, Fanshawe College Police Foundations Graduate)         


  • “The knowledge and experience gained by training under Master Foster is a great asset and should be seriously considered by all who are planning to pursue a career in law enforcement.” (Mathew Kerr, Westervelt Police Foundations Graduate)


  • "Kenjute is a well-rounded martial art/fitness program perfect for anyone entering the security or law enforcement fields"(Andrew Tillie-Smith, TriOS College Police Foundations Graduate)


  • “Master Foster’s Kenjute teaches advanced defensive tactics which are applicable to those who serve in the law enforcement field.  I recommend Kenjute to anyone looking to further improve their self-defence awareness.” (Blair Corsaut, Fanshawe College Police Foundations Graduate)


  • “Kenjute will provide you with excellent physical conditioning, discipline, and advanced defensive tactics that will be beneficial for any aspiring police officer.” (Julian Pelaez, Westervelt College Police Foundations Graduate)


  • “Kenjute has made me a better person physically and mentally.  I am more disciplined.  Taking Kenjute will benefit everyone in more than one way.  I definitely recommend this martial art.”(Patrick Rourke, Fanshawe College Police Foundations Graduate)


  • “Master Foster is without a doubt one of the most fully-qualified instructors for use of force training.  The skills and techniques I have learned in the Kenjute program are beneficial for all individuals in law enforcement.” (Dan Kudla, Fanshawe College Police Foundations Graduate)


  • “The training I received through Kenjute has given me the confidence to deal with any situations that occur on my job in law enforcement.” (David Fenech, TriOS College Police Foundations Graduate)


  • "Kenjute is by far one resource that has strongly impacted me in my life and future career goals.  Even though I was only a yellow belt before I had to move, I learned a vast amount of different techniques that are highly beneficial to my field in security and future pursuit to becoming a police officer.  The first few belts are directed towards defensive tactics which are highly viable within the policing career paths.  With Kenjute, I learned how to defend myself in all sorts of situations, safely, and with great execution.  This provided me with confidence and the ability to potentially diffuse and/or contain a difficult situation before or when it presented itself.  Along with that, you meet other great individuals in which you become close friends with, people you can count on to be there for you when you need it.  Master Foster is one of the greatest mentors I've had the pleasure to be trained by and with his knowledge he moulds his students into strong and proficient individuals.  Kenjute is something I greatly regret that I am no longer a part of.  I would strongly recommend anyone in this career field to at least try it.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed." (Tim Scribner, Fanshawe College Police Foundations Graduate)


  • “For law enforcement needs, Kenjute will bridge the gap between communication and lethal force..no ifs, ands, or buts about it.” (Frazer Fleming, Fanshawe College Police Foundations Graduate)


  • “I have been training in Kenjute for years now.  Although I have a Black Belt in another martial art I must admit that Kenjute is the most inclusive and practical art I have ever seen.  Not only is the curriculum well developed and efficient, it is taught by a Master Instructor who has trained in almost a dozen different martial arts and has forty years of experience under his belt." (Enson Elmes, Fanshawe College Law & Security Graduate)

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Kenjute - Security Training