Mighty Mites Porgram

“Train Often…Train Hard…Train Right.” Master Foster

Kenjute Mighty Mites Program

Our Mighty Mites program has been designed to provide a fun and active environment for youngsters to improve coordination, balance, focus and general fitness all while participants learn the basic martial art fundamentals.


The Mighty Mites Program is focused on individual progress as this is a non-competitive interactive format. No formal testing or performance standards are required. This program recognizes young children for their effort and participation.

Who Can Participate?

Student between the ages of 4 -6.

When Are Classes?

Mighty Mites classes are currently not available.


Monthly cost vary greatly depending on packaging options. We offer family plans, short term discounts and non contracted pricing.


  • White Belt

    Kenjute Mighty Mites White Belt

  • Yellow Stripe

    Kenjute Mighty Mites Yellow Belt