London School of Kenjute

“Getting involved in martial arts training can be a serious commitment of your time, energy, and finances. As such, you should really take the time to investigate and learn about the potential benefits and pitfalls BEFORE you enrol somewhere. Remember every martial art and school are different. Choose wisely!” Master Foster
  • Kenjute (London Dojo) is a no-nonsense full service professional school specializing in real martial arts and fitness training for adults in the London, Ontario area.  Committed to excellence, adult students are expected to train hard and on a regular basis.


  • The school is headed by multi-time international “Black Belt Hall of Fame” inductee Master Joseph K Foster.  Master Foster has been teaching martial arts in the London area since the 1970’s.  He teaches adults in the Regular & Advanced Black Belt Programs. 


  • Kenjute (London Dojo) is managed by Mr. Will Williamson.  An outstanding black belt teacher and role model for others aspiring to excellence in Kenjute, Mr. Williamson successfully motivates students to achieve their best. 


  • Mr. D'Arcy McMaster, who is an excellent teacher with kids, runs the Little Tigers Program for children (ages 7+) at times separate from adult students.


  • There are also a number of additional certified instructors (Mr. R. McLeod, Mr. D. Renaud, Mr. E. Elmes, Mr. C. Robins, Mr. G. Gill, Mr. C. Hughes, Miss L. Tucker, Mr. M. Wilson, Mr. C. Gray, Mr. M. Lindsey, Mr. D. Mai, Mr. S. O'Neill, and Mr. B. Trudgeon) who assist with the classes ensuring small teacher-student ratios and a better learning environment.


  • Kenjute (London Dojo) also has a fully equipped fitness area for adult students who want augment their martial arts training.  It’s like getting a gym membership and martial arts membership for one low price!