Little Tigers Child Program

“Train Often…Train Hard…Train Right.” Master Foster

Kenjute Little Tigers Program

Little Tigers training program is meant to be fun in a formal structured environment. This program introduce children to a testing component of each belt which teaches your child how to perform under pressure while allowing for the child to be recognized for their individual accomplishment and effort.

A wide variety of skills are taught in this program including fundamentals, controlled point sparring, basic self-defence and much more. Outside of the dojo children will benefit from the skills they have learned related to street safety and anti-bullying, positive peer interaction, concentration, self-esteem, and of course general fitness.

Who Can Participate?

Student between the ages of 6 - 12.

When Are Classes?

Classes for new child students are not offered at this time until Mr. McMaster, the Black Belt Youth Coordinator, is available again in the Fall of 2016.      


Monthly cost vary greatly depending on packaging options. We offer family plans, short term discounts and non contracted pricing.


  • White Belt

    Kenjute White Belt

  • Yellow Belt

    Kenjute Yellow Belt

  • Orange Belt

    Kenjute Orange Belt

  • Green Belt

    Kenjute Green Belt

  • Blue Belt

    Kenjute Blue Belt

  • Brown Belt

    Kenjute Brown Belt

  • Junior Black Belt

    Kenjute Advanced Brown Belt