“The martial arts industry is full of watered-down schools. Price, location, teacher, and scheduling are definitely factors when deciding where to train. However, the most important consideration when choosing a martial art is what you are going to learn. Choosing a martial art school because it’s convenient and cheap is of little value if the programming, teachers and students are sub-standard.” Master Foster

Kenjute London Dojo Teaching Staff


  • Master Foster

    Associate Master Instructor
    Adult Black Belt Programs
  • Mr. Williamson

    School Manager
  • Mr. D. McMaster

    Instructor/Youth Coordinator
  • Mr. R. McLeod

    Head Instructor
  • Mr. E. Elmes

  • Mr. J. Lovell

  • Mr. C. Robins

    Assistant Instructor
  • Mr. A. Mason

    Assistant Instructor
  • Miss. L. Tucker

    Assistant Instructor
  • Mr. M. Wilson

    Assistant Instructor
  • Mr. C. Hughes

    Assistant Instructor