“If you want to be the best you have to make a real commitment. That means lots of repetition, performing your skills properly, and over an extended period of time.” Master Foster

          A serious commitment to regular Kenjute training will make you stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Not only will you become very fit and experience personal growth, you will also have the privilege of learning valuable life-saving skills.  Kenjute is exercise with a purpose.  It is also a great opportunity to network socially and meet new friends.  Who knows, it may also become a viable part-time or full-time career in your future.  Through active participation in Kenjute you will experience many positive changes to your well-being.  These may include:
Physical Improvements:
          Total body strength, muscle toning, body fat reduction, reflexes and reaction times, cardio fitness, posture, core muscle strength, proprioception, flexibility, coordination, balance, agility, physical speed, and energy level.
Mental & Emotional Improvements:
          Concentration, focus, mental discipline, emotional discipline, self-esteem, confidence, social skills, leadership skills, sensory awareness, perception, kinaesthetic awareness, knowledge, stress reduction, self-respect, self-restraint, goal completion, professionalism, public speaking, grace under pressure, and significant volumes of Kenjute theory.
Technical Proficiency:
          Postures, footwork, blocks, upper limb strikes, lower limb strikes, locks, holds, chokes, take downs, pinches and pressure points, bag work, makiwara training, breaking, manipulation self-defence, striking self-defence, multiple attacker defence, specialty defence, offensive skills, advanced defensive tactics, combat weapons training, target weapons, weapons forms, historical forms, traditional forms, point sparring, mat sparring, continuous sparring, open sparring, weapons sparring, and ancillary skills.