Advanced Black Belt

“Train Often…Train Hard…Train Right.” Master Foster

Advanced Black Belt Program

The Kenjute Advanced Black Belt Program is a program in and of itself! Graduates of the Regular Kyu Belt Program have a unique opportunity to grow their Kenjute knowledge and skill set through each degree of black belt with new content, testing criteria and performance standards for each belt.

This program is only available to graduates of the Kenjute KYU Program. For KYU Program details click here

In Kenjute, black belt ranks are never awarded without candidates proving their skills through intensive belt examinations. (This is a Kenjute International Mandatory Program).

*Note: Belt criteria only displayed up to 6th Degree Black Belt

Who Can Participate?

Graduate of the Kenjute KYU Program

When Are Classes?

Specific class times vary depending on belt level.

Monday, Tuesday,

Wednesday, Thursday,

& Saturday      


Packages start for as low $49.99 for the Trial Program.

*Monthly cost varies depending on package and payment option selected.