About Kenjute

“If you want to be a complete martial artist, you need to study a complete martial art." Master Foster

About Kenjute

          Kenjute (pronounced as ken joo tay) is an exceptional combat system offering comprehensive training in fundamentals, self-defence, weapons, sparring, forms, special skills, ancillary skills, and theory.  It is for those with a passion for acquiring cutting-edge martial arts knowledge and who want to be the best.  Kenjute represents higher learning, higher standards, and has a proven record for producing world-class students.  No other single martial art system will offer you a better or more complete martial arts education.


          The Kenjute martial arts system was created over a period of many decades and was introduced in 1993 by multi-time "International Black Belt Hall of Fame Inductee" and Master Instructor Joseph K. Foster (see FOUNDER).  Historically, Kenjute's curriculum was influenced by the teachings of numerous Chinese, Okinawan, Japanese, Hawaiian, and North American martial arts masters.  Many of the principles, customs, and skills taught in Kenjute are centuries old - yet the art is modern and progressive.


          Kenjute is also a trademark and business trade name.  It is used by independently owned and operated schools that have been licensed by Kenjute International to teach this copyrighted martial art system.  Each member school is dedicated to the principles and philosophy of Kenjute and to that end are highly committed to the success of the art and each individual student. 


          Originally called Kanzen Kenpo, Master Foster’s work went through an additional eleven more years of enhancements to the point that it had considerably more than just Kenpo as the prime influence.  The name “Kenjute” was introduced in 2004 to more accurately reflect these changes.  As a dynamic and evolving martial art system, Kenjute has continued to improve with further advances in 2007, 2011,and  2013.  


          The Kenjute system is noted for its effective, powerful, swift, and devastating techniques.  At the same time it is an art full of beauty and grace.  It is structured to accommodate a wide range of participants from the elite athlete performing at the highest international levels, to the hobbyist who studies for exercise, interest, and enjoyment.  Make no mistake however: the training is serious, challenging, and very rewarding – but most importantly it works.


          Kenjute is perfect for health professionals, educators, security guards, body guards, police, and anyone else who must be able to deal with violence in a controlled manner.  Kenjute also specializes in teaching quick lethal responses to more serious threats should they arise.  Through the various programs, pupils of all ages will benefit from active and consistent training. 


          Methods of training, lesson schedules, individual progress cards, training manuals, training videos, and certified professional adult black belt instruction ensures that all students are treated as individuals who are able to advance at their own pace and achieve personal bests.  With effort and regular training in Kenjute, anyone can become an awesome martial artist well above industry standards.  Kenjute…there is nothing out there like it!